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Injuries to the Patella and Extensor Mechanism.

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Radiographs revealed a displaced patella fracture Fig 271. Patellar tendon ruptures can be treated by non-surgical and surgical methods. A rehabilitation programme was overseen by a dedicated physiotherapist. Can the patellar tendon repair itself?

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Apply ice or cold therapy as soon as possible after the injury. The patella is patellar avulsion fractures require repair. Patellar tendon ruptures are a relatively uncommon injury and account. Acute Patella Tendon Rupture A Case Report Juniper. Trauma Differential Diagnosis Osteochondral fractures Avulsion fractures Patellar fracture Patellar tendon.


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Monday Morning MD Patella tendon rupture often worse than ACL. The quadriceps tendon most often tears due to a sports injury joint weakness or. Repair of the patellar tendon and MCL followed by a rehabilitation period.

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