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Edit the quote information on the Edit Quote page.

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Aside from the list, the invoice also includes dates as to when the products were sold or the services were completed, along with the dollar amount owed for each line item, and the total amount that is owed from the customer.

Perhaps add an option to create invoices for all orders, regardless of the above. Invoice number must be assigned when invoice is submitted and not in draft mode. To not get quotes is quotation number same as invoice number as a quotation. After the amount on the invoice is paid, a receipt would complete the business transaction. Note: You are free to use any text before, after, or in between variables.

My bank has IFTTT integration and if Sliced supported it as well, I could set it up to automatically record incoming payments against a invoices using the payment reference number to link to the invoice number.

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Indian users may have problems with the new GST Tax laws being implemented. Even if I could delete them, suppose I do business with them again a year later? Of the items posted the confusion we are running into the most is with the material orders.

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